Fuel Program
Allstate Leasing has partnered with WEX a leading global provider of corporate payment solutions. With the WEX card you control the level of card usage. Your drivers' purchases can be restricted to fuel only or unrestricted to allow other station purchases for drivers on the go all day. The card functions as a credit card at the pump and is accepted at all major brand name fuel stations (50 states including Puerto Rico).

WEX offers the perfect management tracking tool with detailed monthly reports, online access and uniformity for your drivers. Additions, deletions or updates to accounts are transacted in real time. The monthly reports provide each vehicle's miles per gallon, cost per mile and other vehicle performance metrics. Accurate reporting helps you better manager your fleet's fuel costs, prepare for audits and identify and/or prevent driver misuse.

Accident Management Program
Allstate Leasing offers a comprehensive program for the management of claims and repairs due to accidents involving your drivers.

We will take first notice of loss, prepare the accident report and transmit the necessary information to your company and/or your insurance carrier, generally within 24-48 hours of the time the accident was reported.

Your driver will be directed to a repair facility to obtain the estimate. Allstate Leasing will issue orders to the repair facilities after receiving authorization from your company or insurance carrier.

If the vehicle cannot be driven, our staff will arrange to have the vehicle towed. We will also arrange for an independent appraisal of the damaged vehicle when it is required. If the vehicle is damaged beyond repair, Allstate Leasing will obtain salvage bids and dispose of the vehicle on behalf of your company. And, if necessary, Allstate Leasing will provide a temporary rental replacement from our rental fleet at preferred fleet rates.

Telematics are comprehensive wireless vehicle management solutions for monitoring the performance, location and security of fleet vehicles via computer access. We have the .experience to review your needs and then recommend a product or group of products that will provide the information you require to improve your company's performance.