Accident Management Program

Allstate Leasing will provide a comprehensive program for the management of claims and repair of vehicles for accidents involving your drivers.

Allstate Leasing will take first notice of loss, prepare the accident report and transmit the necessary information to your company and/or your insurance carrier, generally within 24-48 hours of the time the accident was reported.

Allstate Leasing will direct the driver to a repair facility to obtain the estimate. In most cases, the vehicle will be brought directly to a Mile One Collision Center. Allstate Leasing will issue the purchase orders to the repair facilities after receiving authorization from your company or insurance carrier.

If the vehicle cannot be driven, Allstate Leasing will arrange to have the vehicle towed. And if necessary, Allstate Leasing will arrange for an independent appraisal of the damaged vehicle. And, if necessary, Allstate Leasing will arrange for a temporary rental replacement from our rental fleet at preferred fleet rates.

If the vehicle is damaged beyond repair, Allstate Leasing will obtain salvage bids and dispose of the vehicle on behalf of your company upon their approval.

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